The photo shows four teeth after extraction

The screw implants were used immediately after extraction. See placement of last implant in a fresh extraction socket (position 43)

Insertion of four implants is completed.The temporary and definitive prostheses were cemented as in the other cases.

1990 - 2009 One-stage immediately loated postekstraction implants after 19 years. Very good radiological - clinical result after 19 years.

With this technique it is possible to observe a faster recovery, a smaller loss of bone and a clear decrease in the collapse of the cortical bone of the alveolus.
Scientific evidence demonstrates that early implantology can preserve the alveolar bone and that the placement of the implant in a fresh extraction socket may help to maintain the bony crest structure.

Dr. T. Grotowski together with author of implant (bicortical screw) Dr. Dino Garbaccio