In 1980, Dr J. Nyborg, a Norwegian implantologist, inserted 6 implants, i.e. bicortical screws, loading them immediately with a prepared fixed denture (i.e. bridge). In 1990 the female patient died. Histological preparations were made From the material collected from the corpse. Histopathological examination No 90002906 was executed by Prof. Karl Donath M.D. (Department of Oral Pathology, University Hospital Eppendorf - Hamburg).

EXAMINATION RESULTS: the bicortical screws in the mandible loaded with the denture for 10 years demonstrate good attachment of epithelium and connective tissue as well as good contact with compact bone. Spaces between the bone and implant faces were filled with fluid, which speaks well for compact bone remodelling. Repair processes were found where microfractures occurred in cancellous part of the bone.

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