Case 1

Female patient 17 years old.

In 1991, after complete orthodontic treatment, a single immediate implant (bicortical screw) was inserted in the position of tooth (+2) in a female patient, 17 years old. Directly after treatment a temporary acrylate crown was cemented on the implant. After 7 days from implantation the temporary crown was replaced with definitive crown made of porcelain, completing ther orthodontic-implantoprosthetic treatment. The implant and crown remain have unaltered until now.

Clinical history

Case 2

Male patient T.R. 19 years old.

After orthodontic treatment concluded two immediate implants were inserted in the position of teeth (+2; 2+), on which temporary acrylate crowns were seated shortly after placing the implants; next, after 7 days, two porcelain crowns were cemented permanently.

Clinical history

Case 3

Female patient L.P.

A case of maxillary and mandibulary toothlessness. Owing to a different morphology of bone tissue in different segments, the following implants were inserted:blades (implants) by Linkow, Mondani needle implant and then bicortical screws by Garbaccio.

Clinical history

Case 4

Male patient N.A.

A male patient in 1990. After complete parodontic treatment, immediate implants (bicortical screws) were inserted.

Clinical history


Male patient.

See example of patient where Garbaccio bicortical screws were used immediately after extraction.

Clinical history

Case 6